What is Vivial Connect?

Vivial Connect is an application programming interface (API) that enables text messaging capabilities for client applications. Using Vivial Connect, you can:

  • Provision phone numbers to use for sending and receiving text messages
  • Send and receive text messages with your application using calls to the Vivial Connect API
  • Attach media files to messages
  • Set up callbacks to your application that report the status and other metadata about text messages you send and receive
  • Enable call-forwarding on the numbers you’ve provisioned

What are some common uses for Vivial Connect?

You can use Vivial Connect with any client application that requires text messaging capabilities. Some common uses include:

  • Providing enhanced customer support
  • Sending “blast” text messages as part of a marketing campaign
  • Supporting multifactor authentication (MFA) for your client applications

What is our Free Trial?

Our three-month free trial includes one phone number and $2.00 in account balance. You may upgrade your trial account to a subscription or on-demand plan at any time. The unspent portion of your free trial account balance will be credited toward the cost of the upgrade and you will keep your phone number.

If the trial expires without being upgraded your number will be released, and any remaining account balance removed. At this point you may still upgrade your account, but you will not receive a credit for the unspent portion of your free trial, and the number you acquired on registration may no longer be available.

Does Vivial Connect have a Referral Program?

Yes. Interested parties should contact developer@support.vivialconnect.net for details and easy signup!

How do I specify phone numbers to use for sending and receiving text messages?

The API lets you choose numbers from a list of available, local numbers in the US and Canada. To query this list and find a number that meets your needs, tailor your search to target specific criteria, including:

  • area code
  • zip code
  • 2-digit state / province code (e.g. CA, NY, QC)
  • city, state

When you’re ready to purchase a number, you can specify an exact phone number, or you can let the API choose a random number for you within a specific area code.

For more information, see Managing Phone Numbers.

Can I send internationally?

We offer international support for outbound SMS. To see if your country is supported, please contact sales.

Can I add a preferred Sender ID?

Sender ID is enabled for all accounts with international SMS capabilities. Users can specify their preferred sender ID using the from_number parameter in send messages requests to our API.

Keep in mind, sender IDs will be handled differently by various international carriers. In some locations, IDs will be respected, others may ignore them and simply use a random local number. In some cases a country may have a default sender ID that applies to all traffic.

What’s Your Data Retention Policy?

Message contents and metadata are stored for the lifetime of your account and can be accessed via the /api/v1.0/messages.json API endpoint. Message log data, accessed via the /api/v1.0/logs.json API endpoint, may be deleted any time after 30 days. Internal system logs, which may occasionally contain phone numbers or other user data, are retained for no more than 30 days. These policies are subject to change.