Billing & Subscriptions

Subscription Plans

Subscriptions plans provide a pre-defined quantity of credits to be spent on messaging and call forwarding. Subscriptions are prepaid and offer price discounts that increase with volume. Our Enterprise plans offer higher discounts on local and international messaging, premium support, and more. Plans are configurable as single or multiple messaging channels.

  • Inbound Local SMS = FREE
  • Outbound Local SMS = 1 credit
  • Inbound Local MMS = 1 credit
  • Outbound Local MMS = 2 credits
  • Inbound Toll-Free SMS = 1 credit
  • Outbound Toll-Free SMS = 1 credit
  • Inbound Toll-Free MMS = 4 credits
  • Outbound Toll-Free MMS = 4 credits
  • Call forwarding = 2 credits / minute.
Subscription Details Price
Local Plans
Annual Starting at 1,000 credits / mo. Configurable in 1,000 credit increments. 1 FREE local # per 1,000 credits. Overages billed at On Demand prices. Annual prepaid. Starting from $63.00 / annually
90 day Starting at 100,000 credits / 90 days. Configurable in 1,000 credit increments. Overages billed at On Demand prices. 90 day prepaid. Starting from $525.00 / 90 days
Enterprise Plans
Bronze Overages billed at 20% off On Demand prices. 90 Day prepaid. Auto-renewal every 90 days. Contact Us.
Gold Overages billed at 30% off On Demand prices. 90 Day prepaid. Auto-renewal every 90 days. Contact Us.
Platinum Overages billed at 40% off On Demand prices. 90 Day prepaid. Auto-renewal every 90 days. Contact Us.
Custom Customize your own plan! Contact Us.

On Demand Plan

On-Demand is a “pay as you go” program with fees based on service usage. The starting account balance minimum is $20 and the account must maintain a positive account balance to remain active. See On Demand pricing for messaging and service rates.

On Demand Pricing

Message Type Inbound Outbound
SMS: Local $0.0025 $0.0075
SMS: Short codes $0.0025 $0.0050
MMS: Local and Short codes $0.0100 $0.0200
SMS: Toll-Free $0.0100 $0.0100
MMS: Toll-Free $0.0400 $0.0400
Local-Shortcode Messaging (see note) $0.0100 $0.0100
Short Code SMS Universal Carier Fee (Enterprise plan only)   $0.0030
Short Code MMS Universal Carrier Fee (Enterprise plan only)   $0.0100
Local Number $0.50 / month
Toll-Free Number $2.00 / month
Call Forwarding $0.02 / minute

Note: Local-Shortcode Messaging refers to messages sent between a Vivial Connect local number and any Short Code

Enterprise Plans Discount Schedule

Message Type 20% 30% 40% Carrier fee
SMS Local Outbound $0.006 $0.00525 $0.0045  
SMS Local Inbound $0.00 $0.00 $0.00  
MMS Local Outbound $0.016 $0.014 $0.012  
MMS Local Inbound $0.008 $0.007 $0.006  
SMS Toll-Free Outbound $0.008 $0.007 $0.006  
SMS Toll-Free Inbound $0.008 $0.007 $0.006  
MMS Toll-Free Outbound $0.032 $0.028 $0.024  
MMS Toll-Free Inbound $0.032 $0.028 $0.024  
SMS Short Code Outbound $0.004 $0.0035 $0.003 $0.003
SMS Short Code Inbound $0.00 $0.00 $0.00  
MMS Short Code Outbound $0.016 $0.014 $0.012 $0.01
MMS Short Code Inbound $0.008 $0.007 $0.006  
International Zone 1 (outbound SMS only) $0.008 $0.007 $0.006  
International Zone 4 (outbound SMS only) $0.032 $0.028 $0.024  
International Zone 6 (outbound SMS only) $0.048 $0.042 $0.036  
International Zone 8 (outbound SMS only) $0.064 $0.056 $0.048  
International Zone 10 (outbound SMS only) $0.08 $0.07 $0.06  
International Zone 12 (outbound SMS only) $0.096 $0.084 $0.072  

International SMS

Vivial Connect will provide SMS capabilies to countries outside the US and Canada upon request. International messaging consists of outgoing SMS only. Please contact sales for more information.

See International SMS Prices for our full international price list.

Billing by Segment

Outbound SMS messages can contain up to 2048 characters, but Vivial Connect charges by message segment meaning longer messages will cost more to send. Segment length varies depending on message encoding but is never more that 160 characters. Messages consisting of more than one segment will be charged as multiple messages. See the FAQ for more information.

Note: bill-by-segment does not apply to SMS Local Inbound messages

Plan Upgrades

On Demand Plan to a Subscription Plan

On Demand accounts can move to a subscription plan at any time. The plan account balance is applied to the cost of the new subscription. For example, if the account balance is $4.00, and the new subscription plan is $63.00 / year the cost will be adjusted to $59.00.

Subscription Plan Changes

On demand or annual subscription accounts can upgrade to a more expensive plan at any time via a self-serve process that facilitates upgrades. Adding exiting credits on upgrade is the default behavior. For 90 Day plans, all self-service upgrades are disabled and require clients to contact

Annual subscription plans allow self-service upgrades to higher volume programs at any time through the Vivial Connect dashboard. The un-used portion, or remaining months, of the current subscription plan will be deducted from the cost of the new subscription. For example, if an account has 6 full months remaining of their $63.00 / year subscription it will receive a 6 month credit of $31.50 that will be applied towards the cost of the new plan.

90-Day subscription plans do not allow self-service upgrades. To make changes to your 90-Day subscription please contact support:

Account Balance

An account can have a negative balance and continue to send messages. However, if the account balance goes below its minimum balance threshold it will no longer be able to send messages. Minimum balance thresholds differ from plan to plan. An account is considered frozen when its balance falls below the threshold and a payment is not made. If an account does not take steps to replenish the account balance, or make a successful payment, the account is considered abandoned. After a 60-day grace period, all numbers owned by the account are automatically released.

Autobill & Overages

Subscription plans may incur additional usage fees when they exhaust their credit balance. All overage fees are based on On Demand pricing. Enterprise Plan overages are billed at 20-40% off On Demand prices, dependent on the plan. Overage fees are billed to the credit card on file when the account reaches its plan’s predefined overage threshold – or upon plan renewal.

Disabling Subscription Renewal

All subscriptions renew automatically at the end of their renewal period (either a year or 90 days). You can disable automatic renewal in the Vivial Connect dashboard. If renewal is disabled, the account will revert to On Demand at the end of the subsctiption renewal period, stopping all recurring charges.


Cancellation refers to the end of an account’s subscription plan, not the closing or disabling of an account. Cancellations have no effect on stored credit cards or numbers owned. Cancellations may result in cancellation fees, please see below for plan specifics.

Annual Plan cancellations will convert the account to On Demand, remove existing credits and credit the account balance with the unspent portion of the subscription. Cancellation fees for Annual Plans are immediately applied as follows:

  1. If the subscription is in the first month of an annual plan, any credits assigned to the current month are forfeited and the balance for the remaining 11 months are credited to the On Demand plan.
  2. If the subscription is beyond the first month, any credits assigned to the current month are forfeited and the On Demand account balance is credited with 50% of the value of the cancelled plan.

To cancel a 90 day plan you must contact support ( within four days of starting the plan. Cancellations not guaranteed.

Disputes Please contact